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Britain's Favourite Paddock Cleaner & Rug Dryer Since 2016

Paddock Blade is a tow behind paddock cleaning tool designed specifically to clear paddocks of horse, cow, sheep, and alpacas manure. It also does a great job picking up rocks, sticks, and leaves.

It will save you many hours of back-breaking effort every week and leave your horses with a clean and healthy pasture. It’s made right here at our factory in the midlands and shipped throughout the UK every week.

We build it tough to the highest standards, with the best materials possible. We back our build quality with a lifetime warranty on every Paddock Cleaner we sell.

  • 110 Wide x 110 Long x 22cm High

  • Lifetime Warranty as Standard

  • Proudly British Made
    45kg Easy Empty Design

  • No Moving parts / Maintenance or Assembly Required

  • Clears an Acre in 10 Minutes

    300 L Capacity (Over 3.5 Wheelbarrows)

    Patent Protected Design

    Britain's Best Selling Paddock Cleaner

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Paddock Blade | Signal Red |FREE DELIVERY*


**Excluding Northern Ireland & Scottish Highlands

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The Paddock Blade paddock cleaner clears an acre of land in under ten minutes and will have your entire property cleared up quickly and efficiently with minimum effort.

Giving you back more of your own time to do the things you love to do! Paddock Blade users slash their horse muck out time by 70% instantly!

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No more back breaking work walking round the paddocks for hours in tough weather picking up horse manure with a shovel and barrow, or using substandard products that are unfit for purpose.

Paddock Blade will instantly save you 90% of the effort you would normally spend on cleaning your paddock(s).

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The Paddock Blade paddock cleaner also saves you money as it gives your horses a healthier paddock pasture environment to live and eat in.

This means less worms and less disease spreading mess therefore reducing costly vet bills that can often arise due to poor environments for your horses. It's a great investment to reduce the cost of maintaining your paddocks. British made, built solid to last a lifetime.

How much time will Paddock Blade save you?

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You'll save this many days over 10 years
  • 3 Full-length horizontal heated rails design gives 50% more drying space

  • 2 Heated horns 50 cm in length (boot, hats, and numnahs)

  • 2.1 meters long and 1.2 meters high biggest on market

  • Rapid-heat up to full temperature in 15 minutes

  • 10-year frame warranty, 12 months electric element warranty

Heated Horse Rug & Boot Dryer | 1 Bar Plus |Free Delivery*


FREE Delivery to Mainland UK
(Excluding Northern Ireland & Scottish Highlands)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
Kandy Spader
If you have a paddock you need this

I’m absolutely in love with my paddock blade.. she’s a beast! I swear of all the farm equipment I’ve purchased this is by far the best I’ve bought. Money well spent!
I plan on purchasing another one in the near future.
Thanks so much! Oh did I mention how much I love this thing! Best purchase ever!!

robin blake
Great product Great service

After a year of bouncing around pastures a couple the bolts worked loose and were lost in the weeds. Jake immediately sent some complete replacements after I inquired where I could find some. Locktite is on my shopping list. The blade has made a job no one would do for any amount of pay, to a task that doesn’t take all day and has some willing to do it. After a learning curve we figured out ways to make it even towing it backward on the return trip to avoid picking up anything..and hooking it up under a fence line to avoid the very muddy gate area. A solid simple piece of equipment from a great company to do business with.

Lee Murray
Time saver!

This product has cut my paddock maintenance time down significantly! Really happy with this purchase, thanks guys

Mat Thompson
Good investment

Good investment, great sturdy product. A bit heavy for some of our farm hands to empty when full but the Paddock Blade team were great at providing some alternative solutions with emptying.

Jodie Lache
Quick and easy

Been saving up for this for a while, I used to drag but then we I saw my neighbour using one of these I was sold. We live in hilly country out here in Tennessee it picks up the large marority of the poop and the birds take care of the rest. Good job on a properly built tool, I only buy American made which is getting harder and harder to do these days!

PJ Hicks
It just works

I've been scoopin poop for 30 years and always thought there had to be an easier way! The ony thing i'm unhappy about is that I didn't invent it! It's also a little heavy to lift but after a quick call they set me straight on an emptying method that works for me!

Genuine reviews from very happy people

Received in quick time. Does exactly what it should do, just got to get the speed right. Any little bits missed I simply let dry out and chain harrow over. Very impressed. Could do with a tractor sized version though! Thank you for an excellent product

Paul Evans

Upon receiving the paddock blade, I have been nothing but impressed saving huge amounts of time and keeping the yard to the highest possible standard.
I recommend and congratulate Paddock Blade UK for bringing this amazing tool into Horse management.

Roland Tong

Great bit of kit, works well in our paddocks. Looking forward to riding in all the spare time I’ll have not poo picking! Video in comments of it in action!

Ruth Jacobs

I was so dubious that this would work for me. I have very bumpy rig and furrow fields. I’m pleased to say I was wrong. I had to go over the field a number of times but I have a clear field and a huge pile of droppings.

Can’t wait to use this each week to ensure my fields are kept poo free!

Helen Chester

Excellent purchase Received in quick time! Our fields are not flat and we have had no issues. Very impressed I will never use a wheel barrow again.
Thank you for an excellent product and excellent customer service.

Beth Mclean


Received our paddock blade on Friday and honestly couldn’t be more thrilled with it. It’s easy to use, does a fabulous job and really couldn’t recommend it enough! To top it off the entire process was hassle free too.

Rhian Mullis

Top quality item and excellent customer service. Oh and you can do a 2 acre field that hasn’t been done in a month (or two) in under an hour!

Jon Davis

Awesome piece of kit and don’t know how we have gone so long without one.

Victoria Wallace

Paddock blade – one of the best tools ever. Easy to use, easy to tow, makes light work of the fields. Saves tonnes of time, picks up every bit and even levels the field out while it’s going. Highly Highly recommend.

Joe Castles

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