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Top 10 Horse Farming Tools You Can’t Live Without

Routine maintenance around the farm can be incredibly hard work - it can sometimes feel like you simply do not have enough time in the day. Continue reading for the top 10 horse farming tools that you can’t live without.


 top 10 horse farming tools you cant live without

10 Horse Trailer
Transporting horses - whether it be to a show, in the case of an emergency, or moving stables - is an important aspect of horse ownership.

It is always a good idea to have a horse trailer on the property that is available for use when you need it - especially in the case of emergency.

Horse trailers are expensive, basic new models cost $15000 and you can spend well over $100000 for a luxury model which can tow 4 horses or more and will include living quarters as well.


top 10 horse farming tools you cant live without

9 Back-Up Generator
Generators are typically a piece of equipment that are not thought about until they are needed.

In the case of power outage or emergency, a back-up generator can ensure that your barn has electricity. In harsh winter weather, this can be potentially life-saving.

Price for portable back up generators generally range between $200 and $800 depending on power output and number of plug sockets/additional features.

Examples of additional features include larger fuel tanks for the generator to run longer, and USB ports to plug in and charge phone and tablets.


top 10 horse farming tools you cant live without

8 Pull-Behind Mower
As the name suggests, a pull-behind mower tool can be hitched up to a tractor or other farm vehicle. As it is pulled behind the vehicle, it mows any grass or weeds that it encounters.

Many people struggle between choosing between a pull-behind or ride-on mower; it typically comes down to the size of the area you will be mowing and your budget.

Pull-behind mowers are exceptional tools for managing large pastures or paddocks, but they do not offer great mobility in sharp turns and smaller areas.

For smaller pastures or paddocks, or for tight areas around the farm that require sharper turns, you may want to consider a ride-on mower.

Prices for tow behind mowers start as low as $300 for a small basic model.


top 10 horse farming tools you cant live without

7 All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)
All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) - otherwise known as “four-wheelers” or “quads” are typically used as a form of transport around the farm, or to tow light loads.

Thanks to their high speeds, they are ideal for checking fencelines, inspecting fields, or general travel around the farm.

Prices range from around $3000 to $12000.

The more expensive models have useful features like motorized winches, larger engines and USB charging ports for charging phones and tablets.


top 10 horse farming tools you cant live without

6 Utility Vehicle (UTV)
Horse farm utility vehicles provide a happy medium between a tractor and an ATV.

While they are not quite as powerful as tractors, they are lighter, which allows them to offer more mobility and speed.

UTV’s are often used as a form of transport around the farm and to haul and pull things. They offer greater versatility than ATVs, which are typically only used to ride and pull things.

Key features that make UTV's desirable on a horse farm are high ground clearance, on board storage for tools and kit, high weight towing capacity (usually 1000lb to 1500lb) and gas assisted trailer dumping.


top 10 horse farming tools you cant live without

5 Ride-On Mower
Ride-on mowers have great mobility, and are often designed to handle tight turns.

If you have a smaller amount of space that you need to maintain, or if you anticipate tight turns, you may want to opt for a ride-on mower.

Try to opt for a mower that has flexibility when it comes to both parts for the mower, and also attachment areas to add on other components that bring a wider ability to do different things around the horse farm.

Prices start at about $1300 and go up to $10000 for the largest cutting models.



top 10 horse farming tools you cant live without

4 Arena Groomer/Drag
An arena groomer is a tool that can be hooked up to a tractor, ATV, or UTV, among other vehicles.

It is pulled behind the vehicle to overturn and even out the footing in both outdoor and indoor arenas.

Uneven or irregular footing can potentially lead to injury or accidents, and often prevents horses from being able to perform at their best.

Prices are wildly variable for arena groomers, depending on the size. Expect to pay around $2000 for a very small one, all the way up to $10000 and more for the larger models.


top 10 horse farming tools you cant live without

3 Manure Spreader
Manure tends to pile up quickly, especially on larger farms. Composting can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, and it can be quite expensive to pay someone to haul it away.

A manure spreader is often considered to be absolutely essential on a horse farm; they can be used to spread manure over a field in order to fertilize.

Not only does this solve the issue of trying to determine what to do with your manure, but it serves a dual purpose by helping you maintain healthy and beautiful grass in your paddocks and pastures.

Manure spreaders start at about $4000 for the smallest sized models, which are about 6 feet long by 2 feet wide.

Expect to pay over $10000 for a decent carrying capacity horse manure spreader.


top 10 horse farming tools you cant live without

2 Tractor
Tractors come in a wide variety of options that may be difficult to choose from, but one thing is certain: a tractor is an essential farming tool.

The tractor you choose will depend on your needs, your budget, and the size of your farm. Consider the climate and terrain on your farm, and try to opt for a four-wheel-drive option.

Another important aspect to consider with tractors is the ability to bolt on useful parts to change the tractor's primary functions.

Forks, winches, buckets, blades and spreaders can all be added to a tractor to enable you to do more around the farm with one unit. Bear this adaptability possibility in mind for your final choice.

The smallest compact tractors start at about $13000, and you can spend well over $100000 on a large agricultural tractor.

1 The Paddock Blade
The Paddock Blade is a simple yet extremely effective tool designed to simplify paddock and pasture cleaning and maintenance.

Hours spent manually picking out manure from pastures or paddocks would be much better spent elsewhere getting other things done. The Paddock Blade turns hours of work into just minutes of work, allowing you to take charge of your day.

Paddock Blade’s universal hitch allows it to be towed by a large range of different vehicles, such as UTV’s, cars, trucks, ride-on mowers, and more.

Simply hook the Paddock Blade up to the vehicle of your choice and drive through the paddock where you need to remove debris or waste; the Paddock Blade will glide behind you and pick everything up, neatly holding everything together until you are ready to empty out the Blade.

The Paddock Blade boasts a 300L Volume, which is over 3x more than a standard large wheelbarrow. This means less time wasted stopping to empty out and the ability to get the job done even quicker.

When it comes to the time to empty, simply pull up to the location of your choice and tip the blade over to empty its contents. It’s that easy!

But the uses for the Paddock Blade don’t stop there; you can use your Blade to haul jumps, hay bales, and more around the farm.

Never worry about having to replace your Paddock Blade; each product comes with a lifetime guarantee.

When it comes to cleaning your paddocks and pastures, Paddock Blade has you covered.

Paddock Blade is proud to provide the best paddock cleaning tools on the market. We’re dedicated to helping hard-working equestrians simplify their everyday tasks so they can spend more time enjoying quality time with their horses.

To browse Paddock Blade’s inventory of industry-leading paddock cleaning tools, click here.

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Genuine reviews from very happy people

Received in quick time. Does exactly what it should do, just got to get the speed right. Any little bits missed I simply let dry out and chain harrow over. Very impressed. Could do with a tractor sized version though! Thank you for an excellent product

Paul Evans

Upon receiving the paddock blade, I have been nothing but impressed saving huge amounts of time and keeping the yard to the highest possible standard.
I recommend and congratulate Paddock Blade UK for bringing this amazing tool into Horse management.

Roland Tong

Great bit of kit, works well in our paddocks. Looking forward to riding in all the spare time I’ll have not poo picking! Video in comments of it in action!

Ruth Jacobs

I was so dubious that this would work for me. I have very bumpy rig and furrow fields. I’m pleased to say I was wrong. I had to go over the field a number of times but I have a clear field and a huge pile of droppings.

Can’t wait to use this each week to ensure my fields are kept poo free!

Helen Chester

Excellent purchase Received in quick time! Our fields are not flat and we have had no issues. Very impressed I will never use a wheel barrow again.
Thank you for an excellent product and excellent customer service.

Beth Mclean


Received our paddock blade on Friday and honestly couldn’t be more thrilled with it. It’s easy to use, does a fabulous job and really couldn’t recommend it enough! To top it off the entire process was hassle free too.

Rhian Mullis

Top quality item and excellent customer service. Oh and you can do a 2 acre field that hasn’t been done in a month (or two) in under an hour!

Jon Davis

Awesome piece of kit and don’t know how we have gone so long without one.

Victoria Wallace

Paddock blade – one of the best tools ever. Easy to use, easy to tow, makes light work of the fields. Saves tonnes of time, picks up every bit and even levels the field out while it’s going. Highly Highly recommend.

Joe Castles

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